Ior grew up in Akanpesa, Gumbostrand, Finland on the family estate on the land where the hidden entrance of the Lemminkäinen Temple and the Ätte-Stupa is.

ior bock

Ior Bock told us that, from the age of seven to the age of 27, he would have to sit for two hours every day and listen to his mother, Rhea, and aunt Rachel relating the Saga. He was not allowed to say a single word; he could only listen. The two storytellers were very strict taskmasters. If, for some reason, a day was skipped, the listening time would be doubled on the following day. Needless to say, this all happened at the expense of the young Ior’s formal schooling.

He was not allowed to share this information with anyone until his mother’s death.

And in this way, the family story of the Saga was passed on from his mother and aunt to Ior over the course of 20 years. Rhea and Rachel, in turn, heard it from their father and their father’s sister, who got it from their parents, and so on. The family tradition was to educate the children in the Bock Saga, passing it on orally for countless generations.

The Bock Saga was kept strictly within the family for almost a thousand years. The Bock family’s plan was, among other things, that Ior would be the first and the last member of the family to share this story with the outside world in the year that his mother would pass away.

Before she died on 6 April 1984, Rhea Boxström, who was the family’s last female member, gave Ior her blessing to start relating the story on 24 February 1984 – the day Skottdag was celebrated.

Rachel and Rhea Boxstroem

When she died, there was only one person left on the planet that knew the Bock Saga which contains the history of mankind. Ior was told he had the right, and not the obligation, to share the story of the Bock family with the rest of the world. According to the plan that Rafael and Sara made 10,000 years before, if he decided to tell the story, he would have the right to open the Lemminkäinen Temple 1,000 years after it was closed.

Ior Bock Quotes

As Ior Bock told us on many an occasion: “I cannot tell you the whole Bock Saga. It is too much to know, but I can give you the key to understanding it.”

“imagine that when you grow up and realise that 22,224 people had contributed actively to your existence, you must have had the feeling that you belong in this world, that you are welcome here. And maybe the fact that you would stay the first seven years with your mother instead of in day care, kindergarten and school, would enhance that feeling. Maybe some of our psychological problems of today did not exist during heathendom.”

About the 2nd Ragnarök and the Bock family fleeing for the moving glaciers by boat:

Ior Bock once said jokingly that the reason why the mammoth did not survive the Ice Age was because it did not fit into one of the boats!

lemminkainen temple

The Lemminkäinen Temple and the entrance to the storehouse where, since the beginning of mankind, gifts were brought in appreciation of the gods – the bringers of life – were shut in 987AD and the entrances hidden with huge granite rocks. The plan was to leave them closed for a thousand years.

In the 1980s and 1990s, several attempts were made by Ior Bock and his friends to open the Lemminkäinen Temple, which also serves as the entrance of the Bock family treasure chambers. It proved to be too hard for them to complete this task. The digging out of the hundreds of tonnes of stones of the Lemminkäinen Temple proved to be physically and financially too exhausting to complete at the time of writing (the year 2018AD).